Smart Controls

Smart Controls

Most of you are familiar with the term SMART, particularly when it comes to our mobile phones. An acronym for Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology, SMART technology has revolutionised our world and makes day-to-day living and connecting with others a lot easier and more convenient. 

An introduction to SMART controls

SMART controls for your home include options to control your living zone remotely. It can include the operation of lights, music and even the opening and closing of your blinds and curtains! In terms of heating, the use of SMART technology largely relates to a smart thermostat, which lets you run your heating from an app on your phone or tablet. 

With a smart thermostat, you don’t even need to be at home to turn your thermostat up or down - and if you are you can do it from the comfort and warmth of your bed!

A smart thermostat is also of use if you get to work or have travelled away and realise you forgot to turn your heating off or down. This makes one less thing for you to have to remember before heading out in the morning, and you no longer have to predict what temperature you’ll need the house to be when you return home after work.

Can having SMART controls save me money?

Actually, they can. Smart thermostats mean you can easily adjust the heating temperature and take better control of the heating you use. Having a smart thermostat can make your home much more energy-efficient because the thermostat doesn’t remain on a set temperature thanks to being so easy to adjust to the weather. A reduction in energy use saves you money on your heating bills, making a smart thermostat a financially savvy choice as well as a convenient one. 

SMART technology is growing all the time, and this is a perfect point to incorporate the technology into your home.

Installing SMART controls in Thetford, Newmarket and beyond

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