When you invest in a new boiler, the last thing that you expect is for this to develop flaws or faults. Over time, however, it’s not uncommon for even premium units to become slightly less efficient or effective, even though there may be no causes that are obvious to the naked eye. Some of these flaws are relatively easy to resolve, however, with powerflushing providing a deep and thorough cleanse of your boiler unit. But what is a powerflush, and why should you trust All Heating Solutions to carry this out on your behalf?


What is a Powerflush?


One of the key challenges facing all heating systems is the accumulation of sludge, debris and dirt, in radiators, pipework and even the heat exchanger in your boiler. As the sludge and grime builds, significant blockages can occur in your heating system, diminishing the transfer of heat and potentially leading to pipe, radiator valve and heating control servo valve damage in the long-term.


If uncorrected, this can even lead to the premature failure of your boiler unit, which is why powerflushing is such an important service. After all, this is a popular method of cleaning your central heating system and restoring it to its former glory, by combining a high velocity water stream with specialist chemical agents to clear away limescale and any form of debris build up.


OK, But why Choose All Heating Solution?


Based in Bury St Edmunds and servicing Thetford, New Market and the surrounding areas, our highly-trained engineers offer a comprehensive powerflushing service to our customers. Make no mistake; our Gas Safe-registered engineers are fully trained and qualified to work in your home, and restore your boiler to its optimal levels of efficiency and performance. We’d recommend that you have a powerflush service carried out every five to 10 years or so, and if you’re overdue this service you can give us a call today on 07881292897! Or, you can email us at allheatingsolutions@outlook.com and we’ll respond just as soon as we can!

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