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Reasons to Consider a New Boiler

The decision to get a new boiler is an important one, and something that takes a lot of thought and consideration. A new boiler can be pricey, so you need to be sure it is the right choice for you. Replacing your boiler is a great way to ensure your home is running as reliably and efficiently as possible, amongst other things- so keep reading to find out more...

Improved efficiency 

When you get a new boiler, it will be much more efficient than your current model. Every new boiler is now required to be over 90% efficient, which can be a huge improvement from your last boiler! As well as being better for you, it is also better for the environment, as you are wasting less energy each day.

Lower energy bills 

Linking to my previous point, having an efficient boiler means you will be spending less on your energy bills each month. This leaves you with extra money to spend on the more exciting things in life!

Increased reliability 

With a new boiler, you know it is not going to need to be repaired for a while to come. This means you can relax and know you get to wake up to a warm shower every day for years to come!

Greater temperature control 

New boilers are often compatible with smart thermostats and controls. This gives you much more control over the heating in your home, as you can change the temperature of each room separately and you can see exactly where your spendings are going. Even better, you can usually do all of this from your phone!

New warranty

When you get a new boiler, there is a chance it will come with a new warranty. This means your boiler will be protected from the costs of any breakdowns or repairs for years to come. Warranties usually vary between 2 and 15 years- which a lot of peace of mind!

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